Got hard-on by kaishun massage at a love hotel in Otsu



Name: Ryoko


I usually stay and have fun in Kyoto, but I would like to try Shiga prefecture this time. Where is the best adult entertainment area in Shiga? I know there is a red-light district Ogoto, but I would like something but soapland. Delivery health is fine, but massage provides refreshment and sexual service.


Kaishun massage in Otsu-city should be good. I drove on the lakeside road to Seta that has many love hotels.


There are a couple of hotels in other areas, too. But I think this area has the most. I chose a really nice room and called the escort club. Kaishun massage is common nowadays.


The service is to stimulate the whole erogenous zones and arouse sexual feeling by body relaxation and sexual feeling service. And the orgasm at the ejaculation in the end is led to several times stronger level than usual. It is well calculated and impresses me.


Body to body massage by a topless girl with a g-string drives me crazy. I am turned on very much when a high-class girl that does not look like an escort girl gets naughty and aggressive. I can ejaculate at once, but the escort girl does not allow it and teases me with her hand job technique. The orgasm is heavenly after holding long time.



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