Super hard on in body to body massage in Kyoto!



Name: Sumire


I went to watch comic dialogue to Kyoto the other day. It was a bullet tour, but I had good laugh a lot. However, the horrible fatigue after that… the long trip by car, the lining time, and fatigue after too much laugh… I was exhausted suddenly after the show. I thought I would have a car accident, so my friend and I tried body to body massage in Kyoto.


What is body to body massage? Why massage? You might think so. Well, the category was new to me. However, I think the word on their website was the key.


In their service, men are completely passive as M position. And the service is erotic body to body massage the masseuse serves completely and perfectly. Furthermore, this phrase “Feeling like a king! You feel sexually good though you do not even move!!” grabbed me.


It is hard to hustle to the escort girl in health when I am tired. It is troublesome to take a bath, receive the nuru massage on the mattress, and move to bed in soapland. Above all, they provide massage with a happy ending, so I do not have to move except taking a shower.


While I received the service, the masseuse became topless with a g-string on and did facesitting. She knocked me down with her double punches of comfort and eroticism! My eyes were wide-awake, and my private part was super hard awake!! And I was aroused by nipple licking and feather touching in body to body style. Furthermore, the escort girl stops and teases excited me with her hand job. I ejaculated several times sperm like a jet.


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